As part of our new Cornerstones topic, ‘Traders & Raiders,’

we were fortunate enough to have a special visitor for our memorable experience – Sif the Viking trader!

Sif was a real beacon of knowledge for all things Viking and Anglo-Saxon. She dressed us up in the finest fashion garments – including some rather unsightly underwear! We also got to have a go at milling our own flour, all while learning about what the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons loved to eat the most.

The highlight of our memorable experience was definitely learning about how the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons liked to fight. We were introduced to some of the best weapons they had to offer, Sif even allowed us to carefully handle them.

A fantastic day was topped off with the retelling of a Viking saga, which gave us all goosebumps. A huge thank you to Tanya from ‘Women from the Past’ for such a great day.


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