Bede Burn Primary School has a new School Council! There are fourteen children on the Council this year, all eight house captains from Year 6, and then two children from each of the other Key Stage 2 classes. All the children were voted for by their classmates, having first to explain why they wanted to be a class, or in the case of Year 6, a house representative, I know the teachers were all impressed with their presentations.

We will keep you up-to-date with our meetings and the different ideas we have to continue to make Bede Burn School the most amazing place to be.We have hit the ground running this year. In the short time since our members were elected by their classes, we have developed a really exciting idea for each class to raise money, We have called this project “Make it Grow” and will be sending out more information very soon. So keep your eyes and ears open for some great ideas throughout this year.

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