We are required to base our teaching on the National Curriculum for England. It sets out clear, full and statutory entitlement to learning for all pupils. It determines the content of what will be taught, and sets attainment targets for learning. It also determines how performance will be assessed and reported. We are passionate about making our curriculum as engaging and exciting for our pupils as possible. We want to provide them with a wealth of experiences that will develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need.

Further information about SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development) and promotion of British Values can be read about in a separate part of our drop-down menu. Further information about our approach to learning can be found in our Vision Statement, also on our website. If anyone would like more information about our curriculum, please contact school and ask to speak to Mrs Nicola Faulkner.

Reading and Phonics


At Bede Burn Primary School, early reading is taught using synthetic phonics as the main approach to reading. Pupils are systematically taught the phonemes (sounds), how to blend the sounds all through the word for reading, and how to segment the sounds in order to write words. They are taught to use their phonic skills and knowledge as their first approach to reading, but are also taught high frequency words which do not completely follow the phonic rules.

The school follows the government published programme “Letters and Sounds” using resources from the BBC “Fun with Phonics” published programme which supports us in providing a multi-sensory approach to learning phonics. For more information about phonics, including a video of how to pronounce the phonemes (sounds), please go to phoneme pronunciation.

Long Term ILP (Imaginative Learning Project) Plans

Below are the overview documents of our curriculum.  Topic grids will be updated termly.  We hope that this will give you an insight as to what your child is studying in school, as always, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Half-termly ILP Overview Information Booklets

Here you can find out more information about what each ILP (or ‘topic’) will entail. Scroll down to find the relevant year group. ‘Au’ ‘Sp’ and ‘Su’ represent Autumn, Spring and Summer term; 1 and 2 indicate 1st or 2nd half of the term.

English planning

Here you will find Medium Term plans for each year group, as well as overviews of coverage over the year.

Maths Planning

Here you can view our Long Term Plans for each year, as well as current termly plans.

Science Planning