Although we missed our first ever Forest School’s lesson due to snow, we finally managed to explore the school grounds and start digging up the plant beds ready to grow vegetables in accordance with our topic – ‘Allotments’.




The morning began in the forest where we made our journey sticks which wood serve as a tool to remind us of

where we had been and what we had seen on an excursion around the school grounds.




During the morning Mrs Evans lettuce dig up the beds using all sorts of tools. She made it clear that for us to succseed, we’d have to work together. Mr Ferraro was shocked to hear there was a leek in between the veg which was quickly found and we got on peasfully with the rest of our work. Children could be heard shouting ‘This is the best lesson ever, nothing could beet this!’ which was delightful to hear.


The children have embraced the ‘home learning ideas’ for the allotment topic which has seen a few of them fly home and create bird feeders made from fat, oats and fruit. We’ve watched as many birds have flocked to them daily which has caused great excitement in the classroom.


We can’t wait for our next outdoor adventure!

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