This term in Year 3 we have been been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as part of our topic, Scrumdiddlyumptious and we are loving it!

Right at the start of the topic we visited a local supermarket to find out about the different types of food sold and to read signs and labels to find out where produce comes from. We chose a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables to bring back to school to ‘investigate’. (We had a lovely afternoon tasting it all)

We’ve had a fun term and produced some excellent work linked to our topic. So far we have written a recount about our visit to the local shop, designed a front cover for a book, sketched fruits and vegetables, designed our own sweets and packaging, learnt about the journey a banana takes before it arrives in our shops and so much more! We still have lots of fun and interesting things to come before Easter arrives and the summer term lands on us… Already! The year is flying by and the children are working so hard and having fun along the way.

Two happy teachers! 🙂


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