11 April 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian

I hope you all had a lovely holiday – here is a quick update on the curriculum for the summer term.

English – We begin the term reading and developing a drama, and then our own writing, based on “Gregory Cool”, a book set in Tobago. Ancient Egyptian Myths and legends will be explored and used to progress our grammar and reading skills. We will also be writing an argument, here the children will develop the skills of expressing two points of view and read non-fiction texts. Spellings: The children will continue to learn a new spelling rule/pattern each week which they will practice daily at school. As last term, homework will be written their reading journal and will involve the children learning any spellings they found hard in class this week. Please check reading journals weekly and initial the spelling when your child has learnt them.  Reading: Please continue to read at home with your child and record how they did or what they thought in their journal. It would be great if they could read for 15 minutes a day. Children can read their school or a home book.

P.E. – Year 4 are lucky to benefit from a gymnastics coach this term and we also hope to choreograph and perform an Egyptian dance. We will also be learning tennis skills and using our new nets. P.E. kits will be needed on Mondays and Wednesdays for the rest of the year.

Maths –  I am delighted that most of Year 4 now know all of their times tables. Homework will continue to be weekly focusing on improving speed of recall in mixed tables. In lessons we will be developing the children’s reasoning and problem solving skills and that is currently being applied in a time context. Later children will use all four operations, selecting the best appropriate methods, to solve problems. We will also be developing our understanding of measurement; converting different units of measure and calculating area and perimeter.

Science – We will be exploring living things, their habitats and food chains. This will include a visitor bringing in many small creatures for the children to view, hold and discuss. The children should understand different classifications of animals e.g. mammal, vertebrates and that environments change and that this can sometimes pose dangers for animals and plants.

Topic – We are very excited to be studying the Ancient Egyptians this term. We will be using our history skills to investigate different sources to build a picture of events in Egyptian life focusing on Egyptian Gods, Pharaohs, mummification, tombs and inventions. We will also develop our geography skills locating Ancient Egypt on maps and in a timeline, as well as exploring how the natural landscape helped the success of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.

Computing – We are all looking forward to our day trip where we will be programming using Wii Lego and robots. The children will also create a movie and develop a database on Egyptian Gods.

Music – The children will use the iPads to compose their own songs.  We will also be exploring instruments used and the music made in Ancient Egyptian times.

D/T & art – Our artistic work will relate to our topic; we will make a papyrus picture which depicts ancient Egyptian life, write using hieroglyphs and design, make and evaluate an Egyptian shaduf.

I am really enjoying teaching this class and hope your child is making good progress and enjoying  Year 4. If however you have any questions or issues feel free to catch me in the playground at home time or in the morning or leave a message at the main office. I look forward to sharing the years progress in your child’s report this term.

Kind Regards

Miss Summers

Year 4 Class Teacher

  1. Zahra Ewart

    This is all Epic Miss SimmersCan’t wait for open zone visit and Egyptian dance. YR 4 is brilliant.

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