Year 6 have been learning about Victorian slums as part of their ILP. All of the children did a fabulous job. Mrs Todd and I were so impressed by one in particular that we asked the creator to write a blog about it (below). Keep up the great work!

Mrs Faulkner

‘In class, we were asked to create a slum house which was based on the 19th century Victorian slums.  I have designed an alleyway which has three buildings made into five small living areas.  To create these tiny homes I have used: cardboard, boxes, tubes, string, matchsticks, material, tea bags and weeds.  People lived in dirty, crowded conditions and many shared beds.  Times were very hard; people had very little money and poor hygiene. I have created a washing line for each slum to share, with clothes and bedding on.  The pathways are all dirty.  Everything I have used has been recycled, including used tea bags, which I have steeped material in to give a used and filthy look!’

Gracie Keenleyside, Year 6

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