Welcome back Year 4

I hope you had a fabulous holiday and thank you so much for all your generous gifts. I know you will now be ready to get your brains working so here’s some information on what we’ll be learning about this term:


Our new topic is exploring the country we live in. You will be using many geography skills to learn about how the UK is organised, as well as learning about the human an physical features of the UK. I hope you will enjoy creating mountain views and river pictures in the style of famous artists. As part of our PSHE programme you will al so explore what it means to be British.


We begin the term developing our grammar and writing skills through writing in the style of Dick King Smith, based on his novel Hodgeheg. We will then demonstrate our negotiation and communication skills by persuading others about the good or bad points of zoos.

Spellings: The spelling scheme we are using and thus the spelling homework will change this term. Instead, you will bring home 6 spellings in your reading journal each week that you found tricky, from the unit we’re studying in school. Get an adult to help you learn these spellings at home. Then ask the adult will put their initials next to each word when it is spelled correctly at home. This may be through writing it down or saying it aloud.

Reading: Please continue to read at home with an adult and record how you did or what you thought in your journal. It would be great if you could read for 15 minutes a day, but it should be twice a week minimum. You can read your school or a home book.


This term we began with a maths investigation which you looked like you really enjoyed. We will begin our work on fractions and decimals, which will apply your place value, times tables and operation skills developed in the Autumn term. After this we will cover measures, time and statistics as well as continuing to improve on our operations calculations.

Your continued hard work with times tables homework is crucial and please thank your parent for their help. Homework will continue to be given on a Friday to be tested the following week.

Science & D.T

We will recognise how sounds are made and associate them with vibrations. We will also conduct experiments to explore materials for sound proofing. You will be making their own musical instrument (so don’t throw out your celebration tins and wrapping paper tubes – you will be needing them.


You have already drafted your comic stories and photographed action frames on Ipads. From this you will create your own comic strip and movie using computing packages Movie maker and Publisher.


Swimming lessons continue for this half term on Thursdays. I am sure you will enjoy the athletics coaching starting next week – PE is needed on Wednesdays.

Music, RE and French will continue to be taught by Miss Smith and Mrs Richardson.


I hope you are able to participate in one of the many before and after school clubs we offer. Check the website, hall display or school windows for a full clubs timetable.


Miss Summers

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