Welcome to Year Five.

Welcome to Upper Key Stage Two and Year 5!
Year Five are taught my Mrs. Todd and the Teaching Partner in class is Mrs Arthur who
supports children in class and teaches the whole class during Mrs Todd’s PPA and SLT time.
Over the course of the year, Year 5 will be covering such topics as ‘Stargazers’ which looks at
the Solar System and the mission to the moon; ‘Time Travellers’ which is focused on looking
at the differences between different generations and how living things grow up and mature;
‘Pharoah’ which is a historical topic looking at the lives of Ancient Egyptians and ‘Treason’
which will focus on life in Tudor times.
Through all topics, meaningful links will be made with quality texts and videos in English
such as ‘Phoenix’ by S F Said in Stargazers, ‘The Piano’ short video in Time Travellers and
‘The Secrets of the Sun King’ by E Carroll. Hopefully, the children will enjoy immersing
themselves in a topic or idea per half term.
PE lessons will be taught both by Mrs Todd and Mrs Arthur– these lessons will take place on
Tuesday and Friday afternoons. During these lessons, children will have a chance to learn
more skills and practise them through competitive games and tournaments in and out of
Maths lessons will build on what was learnt in lower key stage two and will continue to be a
mixture of fluency and lots of reasoning and problem-solving activities. All children will be
supported to work at a the right level of challenge for them and will be encouraged to
reason with all concepts taught from using manipulatives such as place value counters to
formal written methods for the four operations.
Reading for fun and pleasure will be encouraged throughout Year 5 as all children continue
to take part in our Accelerated Reader program. All children will have near constant access
to our well-stocked library where they will be directed to a range of books by exciting
authors and the right level of challenge for them. All children will have twenty minutes
every day to read quietly and get lost in a good book. Quizzing on an iPad after they have
completed their book will allow constant tweaking of book level to maintain interest and
challenge. The whole class will also listen to a class novel every day – the more exciting the
In the Autumn term of Year 5, the class will have the opportunity to go to Kingswood
Outdoor Residential Centre where they will take part in activities such as rock-climbing,
gorge-walking and archery.