Welcome to Spring Term in Year 6 – a busy and important term for all.

Our new term begins with a trip to Nissan as part of their Monozukuri sessions. Y6 will have a tour of the training plant and be encouraged to take part in a Lego challenge and other activities.

Our new topic this term is called ‘Frozen Kingdom’ – it is a geography led topic during which we will learn about the polar regions. We will use atlases and globes to map the regions and find out about the landscape and geographical features and we will also compare and contrast the North and South Poles. We will study polar animals and learn about how they have adapted to thrive in their habitats. This work will culminate in a piece of writing where all Year 6 pupils will create and write about a hybrid or fictional polar animal. During this topic, we will study the Northern Lights and use the images as inspiration to create our own artwork as well as studying Inuit art and creating block paintings based on this. Polar exploration will feature heavily and the exploits of Scott of the Antarctic will be studied.

To complement the Frozen Kingdom topic, English lessons – both reading and writing will be based around ‘Brightstorm’ by Vashti Hardy which is an adventure story following the adventures of siblings who travel to the South Polaris in search of their explorer father.

In Maths, Y6 will study decimals and fraction, decimal, percentage equivalences as well as starting to study algebra.

PE will continue to take place on a Thursday – please have PE kits in school for this day.

Mrs Todd